CYC Photon 52V 750W(2000WPeak) Torque Sensing Mid-Drive Conversion



THIS LISTING IS FOR THE CYC PHOTON to suit 68-83mm threaded bottom brackets, SW102 display, 38t chainring thumb throttle & 175mm cranks. Let us know what combination of parts you need & we’ll give you a  price. OPTIONS ARE LISTED BELOW.

Check out the amazing new CYC Photon motor. It’s compact, lightweight & powerful. Designed as a modular system it uses the same basic motor module for all bike types & you choose the display, chainring, bottom bracket width, crank length & battery voltage that works for you. They can run on 36-52volts so it’s quite likely that your existing battery will work or you can choose from our large range of batteries to suit your frame shape, power & range requirements.

With an advanced torque sensor system, 110nm of torque & seamless power delivery this is an absolute joy to use. There’s an easy to use app so you can fine tune the power delivery to suit your riding style. Simple to install & will accept multiple battery voltages without having to reprogram the controller.
We have demo bikes available to try with the CYC PHOTON motors. You won’t be disappointed. Also plenty of new bikes  for sale with the Photon & your choice of battery.

2 display options. SW102 & DS103. 2 crank lengths 165mm & 175mm

3 chainring options. 34t 38t 50t  42t coming soon.

Multiple bottom bracket options. 68-83mm, 92mm pressfit, 100mm, 120mm. Other sizes can be made to work, just tell us what you need.

Thumb or twist throttle.

110nm of genuine torque

Maximum speed 60kmh plus buts depends on several factors.

ISIS axle spline

2 year warranty