Tri-50 – 36V 25Ah 900wh


50 Cell Triangle Battery.  36V 25Ah for hardtail bike



This battery is designed to fit hardtail bikes and provides a very low center of gravity for your ebike conversion.  This battery is offered only in a 36V format in a 10S5P orientation using Samsung 50E cells.  The provides you 36V 25Ah built locally in New Zealand using the best components and cells available.  The pack is BMS limited to 40A(55A Peak) and also includes a 40A fuse.  The suggested limits are:

  • Continuous Discharge 35A
  • Max Discharge of 50A
  • Standard Charge rate for long life is <10A
  • Max Charge rate is <20A

The suggested kit for this battery is the 500W Bafang MidDrive kit.  This kit will consume 22A max which is well within the design limits of this battery which ensures you are running efficiently even in colder temperatures or low states of charge.

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