Surron 208 Cell – 60V52Ah rated for 220A Continous 300A Peak


*Presale Coming Soon*



60V 52Ah which is 16S13P built from Samsung 40T cells.  Continuous Discharge of 225A and Peak 300A.  This battery doesn’t operate the same as the stock or many after market versions.  Most batteries will have the battery current flow through the BMS; however, this battery takes a different approach.  The BMS will have Charge currents up to 25A pass through and a logic circuit; however, discharge runs through a fuse for short circuit protection.  The logic circuit can be tied into the bikes existing wiring with supplied harness.  This is a great way to not have voltage drop over the BMS during discharge while keeping the overall battery size much smaller.

Keep an eye on the website and out Instagram for updates but expect to see a battery presale this winter before the summer season comes.