Li-Ion Battery Diagnostics, Repairs, and Reconditioning

Lithium battery repairs can be initiated with a quick email to or by the form below.   We use high-quality cells and build with the highest industry standards.  We offer advice, modifications, quotations, repair, and testing to meet all expectations.  Contact us today and please provide a description of the problem or request. We are more than happy to give you guidance and believe public education regarding batteries is important.

Indication of Costs

Any job or quote is assumed to take a minimum of 30 minutes. Generally we will investigate a battery and if we find a small issue we will repair as long as it can be done within half an hour. If the investigation finds a bigger issue such as a repack, a quote is issued. Please note that if quote is accepted we will disregard the 30 minutes of initial inspection. Below we have a few services with a set price plus there is also an indication of what repacking costs. Feel free to reach out for a quote.

  • Capacity Test for battery pack between 12V and 72V – PDF report plus comment from KISS – $75.00
  • Labour Rate – $115/hr
  • Example: Rebuild a 48V 16Ah – 760Wh – with a new BMS will cost ~$950.00

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