KISS Products

Kiss Ltd has created hundreds of EV/Hybrid solutions from commercial equipment, classic cars, and even children’s bicycles using our extensive backgrounds, appropriate equipment, and best practices. With so many solutions provided since 2017, there are a few standard products that have met many applications. This store has been created to facilitate access to high quality, Kiwi built, KISS products with a click of a button. All batteries come with a two year warranty.

Why a KISS battery over a Generic “Equivalent”?

Safety – Generic battery packs don’t follow any specific standards which leave this to the responsibility of the manufacturer; however, this has led to practices such as the cells held together with hot glue which runs the risk of internal packs short circuits as they age. All interconnections, cables, and protection in a Kiss battery are held to the highest standards. We build EVs which comply with NZTA Low Volume Vehicle Standards, and we carry the methodology over to all our products. Just because an industry is not regulated doesn’t mean you have to accept generic products that will give up safety for a cheaper or compact battery.

Durability and Weatherproofing – CNC waterjet cut HD plastic sheets and 3mm Aluminium sheets held together by M6 hardware are what make the body/carrier of a Kiss battery. Why not have a sleek plastic case? ….because this is a tough battery designed to work hard, take abuse, and keep on going. Durability, weatherproofing, and electric performance are the focus of our batteries. Generic batteries are made from 1.5mm plastic, light duty electrical pins, use M3 hardware, and attach to frames by using exiting water bottle mounts. Don’t let a bit of rain or a toppled bike be the end of your battery, use KISS.

Fitment – A generic battery will fit easily to a frame with two bolts and it can also be removed from the carrier in the frame. This is convenient for some, but at KISS we have seen too many generic batteries fall off of bikes while riding. A KISS battery is held on with hose clamps to ensure extremely solid fitment to the bike frame. For those needing a removable solution, we found purpose built frame bags are a great solution that we can facilitate.

Lithium Cell Quality – The highest grade of brand name cells are used which are produced off the same production lines and batch. These cells are then built into a KISS product battery no longer than four months from the cell production date. Generic batteries cannot give you this guarantee.