Convert a Bike into an Ebike

Pick Up and Drop Off Service Available

Kiss has specialized in battery technology and manufacturing since 2017. With an expanded facility we are doing more ebike conversions and the catalog of custom batteries is increasing to accommodate unique bikes. Not all conversions require such specialized batteries and quality generic options available in stock in New Zealand. 1:1 scaled pdf’s of KISS batteries are available in the Product Battery section and if there isn’t a profile that fits your bike we can design it. There is always the option of buying a small bike storage compartment and building a PVC wrapped battery to fit. Ebike conversions are a great way to commute through town in a way a normal pushbike cannot. KISS will ensure you are matched to the appropriate kit and accessories.

Why choose Ebike conversion over commercial Ebike

Here are some points to consider when considering a generic ebike kit over a commercial ebike

  • The foundation of an ebike is the bike itself and many commercial options are heavy and cheap. Being able to choose your own bike, whether it’s new or used, can result in a lighter and more comfortable ebike for better value.
  • Ebike kits can be detuned and installed on a 20″ or 24″ kids bike. When your child gets an adult sized bike the kit can simply be swap over and reprogrammed.
  • Bafang middrive kits are known to be very reliable. If you want to upgrade your ebike kit in the future, or even if you want to upgrade your base bike in the future, this is easy to realize as kits are built to accommodate many different bikes and components.
  • Power and speed limits can be programmed to accommodate your riding. 300W is the legal limit for ebike; however the Bafang HD is a 1000W, which is very reliable, making sure you don’t need to sweat on your ride and is a great option for a cargo bike. The 500W bafang kit makes more power than any commercial bike and will make any commute much easier than a 300W kit. The 500W kit has a throttle function that can deliver 750W when you need that last push into the headwind.
  • Hotrodding is encouraged! Commercial ebikes often have interlocks and limits to protect their batteries and motors. This is because these items are often “just enough” in terms of their specifications. With any hot rodding there is a trade off with reliability, but we can assist in bringing your bike up to the standard to handle 3000+ watts of power. This limiting factor is often the battery, but with a KISS battery, we can accommodate desired discharge rates, charge rates, and capacity.

Ebike conversion process

  1. Bring, or request pickup of, the bike you wish to convert to electric past or shop with an appointment. An appointment can be made by email, text or by mobile. You can also purchase through the webpage which will raise an order, which promts us to reach out to you.
  2. At your appointment, we will look at your bike and have a discussion on what kit is appropriate and what additional equipment is recommended. At this point, a formal quote is generated.
  3. Upon accepting Quote we ask for a 60% deposit which will secure your position in the cue to have your conversion completed. When your bike is scheduled we will receive, or pick up, your bike and most often return it in three business days fully installed and tested.
  4. We will take you through how your bike now operates and we are happy to do a short ride with you to run over the operation and any questions you may have.

Already got a bike? Let us electrify it.

Prices for kits and batteries are installed, assuming your bike requires no extra work and fitment requires no modification.

Choose a motor kit

Add a matching battery

And choose your Charger