Custom Batteries


The idea of ordering a custom battery may sound intimidating but this can’t be further from the truth. This is a great way to get something a bit more specific for your project. A custom battery can be as simple as, “Hello, I want to do a small solar battery for my caravan but I only have a small space in a cabinet. Can you build me a battery that is 300mm x 230mm x 600mm?”. A custom battery can also be, “Hello, I want a battery to work as a booster for an inverter tied to mains. The battery needs to be small but capable of high power for short periods of time and there is a consideration for possible low temperatures. I would like if the BMS could communicate with an existing module of mine” KISS will work to nail down a scope of work and provide a quote. All cells are premium products from premium suppliers.


Quoting is provided as mentioned above for custom works due but an indication of costs can be estimated with a simple formula. $1.25/Wh. A Wh is a measurement of capacity that can be calculated by multiplying battery voltage by AmpHours. For example, a 48V25Ah would be 48V x 25Ah = 1200Wh; therefore, 1200Wh x $1.25/Wh = $1500 incl GST. This is a price you could expect for a PVC shrinkwrapped high capacity battery that could power a <2000W system. High ampacity, low temperature needs, battery case, or Smart BMS needs will impact pricing.

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